We are excited to announce the topic for our next Mindfirst seminar, to be held on March 24: The Reboot of Ontario’s Hydrogen Sector.

After at least a decade in the doldrums, the emerging Canadian hydrogen/fuel cell industrial sector – once a world leader in new technologies – may be poised for a commercial resurgence.  This resurgence is driven by the climate change imperative, demand for energy storage options to harvest off-peak renewables, and vast improvements in hydrogen and fuel cell technologies.

Join us on March 24 to hear a panel of experts discuss the reboot of the hydrogen sector, who are the major players, what technologies are under development, and what technologies are ready today.

Interested in learning more about the speakers and topic?
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Mindfirst organizes the M1 Energy Seminar Series to provide an unbiased objective platform for the informed discussion of important energy issues.  Seminars are held under Chatham House rule to protect speaker anonymity.
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