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Prof. Don Dewees presented his paper, ‘The Economics of Renewable Electricity Policy in Ontario” at the Mindfirst Energy Seminar on Februrary 5, 2013.


March 05, 2013 – Toronto, ON – Professor Donald Dewees presented his paper ‘The Economics of Renewable Electricity Policy in Ontario” at the inaugural Mindfirst Energy Seminar on Februrary 5, 2013.  The seminar discussion was attended by a dozen policy makers, regulators and industry leaders that provided comments under the event’s Chatham House Rule format. We have provided a link to Prof. Dewees’ published paper here and invite participants and the public to continue their discussion in the area provided below.

The paper has been published The Economics of Renewable Electricity Policy in Ontario – Prof. Don Dewees









Jane Allen, Global Leader, Renewable Energy, Deloitte

Michael R. Barrett, Partner, Co-head of Power and Renewable Energy, Bennett Jones

Jake Brooks, Executive Director, APPrO

Michelle Chislett, Vice President – Solar Development, GDF SUEZ Canada Inc.

Kevin Epp, VP Business Development, Spark Solar

Peter Fraser, Managing Director, Regulatory Policy, Ontario Energy Board

Josh Gillespie, VP Business Development, Algonquin Power

Andy Keith, President, Solray Energy

Pamela Nowina, Fellow at the Mowat Centre for Public Policy at UofT

Sandra Odendahl, Director Sustainability, RBC

Helen Platis, EVP, SKY Solar Canada

Amir Shalaby, VP Power System Planning, Ontario Power Authority

Paul Sommerville, Vice President, Regulatory Affairs and General Counsel, Toronto Hydro

Gray E. Taylor, Counsel, Co-head of Climate Change and Emissions Trading, Bennett Jones

Todd Williams, Managing Director, Navigant

Organized by:

Henry Vehovec, President, Mindfirst Inc.

Marina Freire-Gormaly, Research Associate, Mindfirst Inc.

Aditi Joshi, Research Associate, Mindfirst Inc.

Jason Zhou, Research Associate, Mindfirst Inc.


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