Mindfirst Speaker
April 29, 2015 Seminar – Ontario Capacity Auction: Analysis of Feasibility and Criteria for Design Elements

Cliff Hamal, Managing Director, Navigant Economics






Cliff Hamal provides economic analysis and strategic consulting on issues involving changes in the electricity industry. He specializes on matters where a deep understanding of the nature of markets, the technical realities of power system operations and the behavior of competitive market participants are of particular value, and tends to be engaged in instances where circumstances call for innovative approaches. His work covers a broad spectrum of objectives, including advocating for changes in public policy, developing strategic solutions, valuing investment opportunities and assessing claims of market manipulation. His work has involved markets across the United States and Canada, and he has testified before courts and regulatory agencies in both countries.

The operation of capacity markets has been an issue of particular interest for Mr. Hamal for some time, including a presentation he gave to Ontario’s Market Design Committee in the late 1990s. In recent years he has been an outspoken critic of centralized annual capacity auction approaches, having given numerous speeches, articles and testimony about the shortcomings of such markets in the U.S., Canada and the U.K.